Mauer/Werk is intended as a small, temporary exhibition space for young artists from Bremen. It is meant to create an area that leaves room for experimentation and at the same time makes artistic positions visible here in public space. A small experimental gallery will thus be created on the brick wall in Friesenstraße. Each new artistic creation will be accompanied by a vernissage as well as the publication of an artistic booklet, which will be available as a give-away for viewers and passers-by, thus making art and culture accessible in public space and finding a way into the homes of people passing by.

Funded by the Senator for Culture.

Past exhibitions:



From Oct. 2 to Oct. 31, 2021, Jeff Hemmer arranged his short comic Void in new form on the wall. In this story, the vast nothingness of a snowy landscape opens the stage for a fictional encounter between anarchist philosopher Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) and a fox. The seeker tumbles into the bottomless pit and first encounters himself on his way to community. The travel notes are taken from text fragments by Peter Brook and Landauer himself. more...

Balaclava & Displacement

From Sept. 4 to Sept. 26, 2021, Hodan-Ali Farah exhibited her work Balaclava & Displacement at the Wall. The work is a processual exploration of the invisibility & hyper-visibility of people affected by racism. It is a look at the paradoxes of the neighborhood, which on the one hand is praised and sought out for its multiculturalism (The neighborhood is colorful, loud and dirty.), while on the other hand the stay for Black people, Sinti*ze and Rom*nja, People of Color and all those who do not fit into the white middle class norm is monitored, controlled and punished according to the colonial heritage. more...

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